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Safely have your rug cleaned by professionals

Have you ever lifted the corner of your rug and a cloud of smoke poofed up like a smoke signal? That’s a sure sign that it's time for a cleaning. In fact, your rug needs a deep cleaning once every year or it may suffer long-term damage.

Rugs can be expensive, and they're worth your time and money to have them properly cleaned. Our certified technicians work to clean your rug in a way that's eco-friendly, affordable, and extends the life of your rug.

Everything from water damage to simple wear and tear can have an impact on your rug. Our area rug cleaning services look at what's right for your specific rug—no matter the type—to provide an affordable and effective cleaning answer.


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How do we clean a rug?

Step 1: Prepare and Dust
The bottom of shoes, pets, and more can do damage to your rug over time. To extend the life of your rug, you should do yearly deep cleaning from professionals.

Dirt, grime, residue, and even tiny bugs can hide in your rug. Before we clean, pick up the rug to shake, beat, and vacuum the rug. It's the first step in knocking everything loose.

Step 2: Wash and Rinse
Our cleaning method is similar to carpet cleaning. Our cleaning solutions attack the particles hiding in the fibers of the rug. Through washing and rinsing the rug with advanced, eco-friendly products, we're able to bring life back to your rug—making it look, smell, and feel brand new.

Step 3: Dry and Final Check
After the rug is dry, the cleaning is complete. If there is any leftover residue, we will do another round of washing and rinsing to attack the leftover particles until it's fresh and brand new. 

How to clean the rug without damaging it?

Your first instinct will be to scrub the rug with soap and water. However, this could be damaging to the fibers of your rug. When you scrub, you're actually injecting particles (or liquids) into the fibers of the rug, doing more harm than good. In fact, this tactic can actually cause more stains.

To get unwanted particles and liquids out of diverse carpet fibers, you'll need to attack the source with the right equipment and solutions.

It's also important to know what fabric your rug is made of, because certain brands and materials need different cleaning techniques to avoid damage. Talk to professionals about keeping your rug in the best condition possible.

How often should I clean my area rug?

A typical area rug should be cleaned once every 12 months. Having pets, kids, regular spills, wearing muddy shoes, and other conditions will cause the recommended time frame for rug cleaning to be much sooner than average.
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How to clean an Oriental rug?

For a simple cleaning, start with disturbing the particles, cleaning the fibers, washing with water, and drying in a clean environment.

Step 1: Vacuum the rug.

Step 2: Wash using eco-friendly products.

Step 2: Rinse with water, repeat if needed.

Step 2: Dry in a clean environment to prevent mildew.

Are carpets easier to clean than rugs?

Carpets and rugs are different for many reasons. First, rugs are not restricted to a certain area or room and can be moved to another location for cleaning. With carpets, you need to clean them at the source with the right equipment. You can do the same thing for rugs, or move them to another location for soaking.


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